Mr. Artyom Artyomov-the first overseas customer of SIKE-visit our company

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           At the beginning of the new year of 2016,only after the products on the market, we welcomed the first overseas                           customer-Artyom Artyomov-the general manager of Eur Asia Global Equipment company in Kazakhstan. 

            Accompanied by Chairman Tang Xiaoling, the general manager, etc., Artyom Artyomov visited the production line,                    R&D center and Technology Laboratory.

           Mr. Artyom Artyomov listened carefully about the production line process、  technology of brake pads dring the visit                    and affirmed them all. 

Then he had a bilateral business cooperation talk with company and gave critical advice of the overseas market development.Afterwards Mr. Artyomov and the general manager Zhong Jian signed a memorandum of this negotiation.

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