Chongqing SIKE Ceremony Officially Launched

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The meeting mainly defined the future transition direction and planning objectives of Huanuo Heavy Industry.Chairman Tang Xiaoling analyzed the current market environment of the company, pointed out that at this stage we should turn company from the simple trading type company into trade and industry simultaneously, industry sector company,forming a closed loop chain of strategic planning, and analyzed the advantages of transition.
On April 2, Chogqing Sike Yigu Autumotive Brake System Co.,Ltd-one of the subsidiaries of Huanuo Heavy Industry- launched official opening ceremony.Here is the picture of ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Whereaffter,all members visited the production line and storage warehouse, the general manager Zhong Jian explained the whole production  conditions,industry status and products mrakting,technical engineer Li Bo,Li bin gave some detail on the the production process and technology, material characteristics.



After a two-day stressful meeting and visit,Congqing SIKE prepared  wonderful activities and prizes for everyone,we can see passion, persistence and hard working through every employee, this is the future of Huanuo!



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