Spring Needs Brain Supplements,the Basics of Truck Repair and Maintenance

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periodic check: check your car regularly to detect potential failures
⑴ check the oil, brake fluid
⑵ check whether the chassis oil spills, leaking
⑶ check the tire pressure, tread-wear conditions, whether the nuts is loosening or not
⑷ check whether the fan and belt is broken, adjust the tightness of the belt
⑸ check the connection of the entire vehicle wiring harness

check the connection of the entire vehicle wiring harness
  1. engine oil: mainly used for engine crankshaft bearings, connecting rod bearing, piston and cylinder, push rod and cam lubrication
  2. gear oil: mainly used in automotive rear axle, manual transmission
  3. brake fluid: used for automobile brake systems
  4. automatic transmission fluids: for automotive automatic transmissions
  5. grease: used for lubrication and seal of each cars’bearing

the main function of lubricant:  lubrication, sealing, cooling, cleaning, anti-friction, anti-rust

FAQ of lubricant use
  1. pure gasoline and diesel oil is not universal, but there is a special general gasoline and diesel engine oil
  2. How long does it take to change the lubricants for the best?Actually the change cycle is not very relevant to time but to the number of your car's driving mileage.It is recommended to do a maintenance each 10000 kilometers, including the replacement of oil, machine filter, air filter, etc.


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